Art, in all of its forms drives me, but I have always been most passionate about the performing arts. I am an an actress, singer and dancer, whose passion also extends into photography and painting. I began my acting career early on at The Boch Center (Boston, MA), formerly known as The Wang Theatre. I have been trained by several esteemed professionals in the industry such as A Nightmare on Elm Street actress, Brooke Bundy, and casting director for One Life to Live, Cheryl Baker Fisher. I am often known for my enthusiasm and tenacity in the Bay Area industry. I aim to inspire others through my artistic pursuits and promote social change. 

Over time, I have worked to gain both theatrical and film credits. I have been featured in commercials, industrials, theatrical performances, short films, student films, independent films and feature films. Constantly absorbing information and learning from my experiences, I have been able to refine my skills and add additional ones as well. Whether my work is displayed in the entrance video of the Smithsonian Museum or in a Toyota commercial on television, one thing is certain: I am versatile. 

I reside in San Francisco but travel regularly for film work. 

Please look below to see samples of work. To download my film resume, please click here.

Physical Attributes: 

Height: 5’3” | Hair: Dark Brown | Weight: 115 lbs. | Eye Color: Dark Brown | Physique: Petite | Age Range: 18-28

For Bookings:

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